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Sherman Elizabeth Sherman, Ph.D.     
                 Professor of Biology                            


I am interested in how animals work. I teach courses in animal behavior, animal physiology, neurobiology, and human evolution.

For many years, I studied amphibian physiological ecology. But about 15 years ago I learned to scuba dive and I became very interested in coral reef biology.

My research is devoted to the study of physiological and behavioral ecology of animals with particular emphasis on the responses of animals to environmental stresses.

Any insights that we can gain into the ecological requirements of a species benefit us all. Perhaps the insights seem small, but we may not be able to anticipate how those insights will come to form a crucial piece of the biodiversity puzzle in the future.

Frequently, I run a Coral Reef Biology Course that is held in the Caribbean island of Grand Cayman.  Students learn to scuba dive and participate in on-going research on coral reef fish diversity.  See video from recent course.

  students doing surveys  

    Alternative Facts: the Undoing of Science in America
    Adaptation or Extinction
    The Ocean Project a design lab with sculptor Jon Isherwood
    Evolution in America
    How Do Animals Work?
    Comparative Animal Physiology
    Animal Social Behavior
    Women and Men: the Biology of the Sexes
    Sensory Worlds of Animals
    Neurons, Networks, and Behavior: Advances in Neurophysiology
    Field Course in Coral Reef Biology   Jan. 4-11 2020   SEE ME FOR MORE INFO
    Science and Anti-science in America: Belief and Knowing
    Diversity of Coral Reef Animals
    Human Nature (with social psychologist Ron Cohen)
    Environmental Physiology of Animals
    No Free Lunch: the Second Law of Thermodynamics


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Fungal-like infections in newts

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