As always, use Web-sites with caution. However, important research and data and connections to a variety of organizations and individuals are increasingly most easily accessed via the Web. I'm only listing a few; they can lead you to many others. As always, consider the source carefully. AND, if you use data from these sites in your work, it must be cited.

AND DON"T FORGET TO LOOK IN THE LIBRARY, TOO. Also use the Crossett Library home-page to connect to Infotrack and, especially CARL UnCover for literature search.

Digital Darwin: Works of Darwin available on-line (off copyright!)

Darwinia: Mostly a bunch of pictures of Charles D

Alfred Russel Wallace: Co-inventor of natural selection, and interestingly eccentric in own right

Lephalophodon: Another history page, lots of biographies, photos, etc.

"Enter Evolution" at Berkeley: Lotsa links

"The Evolutionist" magazine: Somewhat politicized, often controversial, but frequently interesting semi-popular and inter-disciplinary. Read skeptically.

Talk/Origins: Discussion group about evolution/creation issue

Human Behavior and Evolution Society: What it sounds like

Ecology WWW Page: Hundreds of Links

Harvard Evolution Links:  Another big collection

Tree of Life: Evolutionary relationships among all creatures; only some groups in detail so far, but being added to all the time. Much taxonomic information

Center for Evolutionary Psychology: Full of what's upsetting lots of social scientists

Burgess Shale Fossils: Weird very early multi-cellular organisms

Observed Instances of Speciation

World of Richard Dawkins: UNOFFICIAL Dawkins site -- hero-worship of author of The Selfish Gene, but some good links.

Evidence for evolution: Some cute anecdotes

TreeBase: A repository of published phylogenetic schemes

"Green tree of life":  Really cool web-app demonstrating fractal nature of phylogenetic trees (for plants, specifically) with nice visuals

Biomorph evolution simulation

BBC ALIFE: Another simulation.

BBC Evolution homepage

PBS evolution: The american parallel

"About Darwin" home page: About the man.

Darwinian Medicine: Hot area of theory and research

Teaching about Evolution: On-line version of National Academy publication directed towards teachers.