How to read

Read each paper more than once; attend to the tables and figures (make sure you understand them all). TAKE NOTES.
Things to consider:

1-what were the authors(s) questions; what was the context/significance of questions (if authors made a specific prediction, what was their argument)
    -be sure you understand terms and concepts used by the authors
2-why were particular methods used given the above question
3-interpret graphs, tables
4-are interpretations of the data persuasive (are there other testable hypotheses that are consistent with the authors' data?)
5-summarize significant points
6-do next
For each paper, include in your notes:
    a) complete this sentence: The thesis of this paper is……                                            
    b) what questions would you examine next?  what methods would you use? (DO NEXT?)

How to facilitate a paper discussion

The facilitator should NOT lecture but rather encourage a lively discussion among the other students.  The facilitator should feel at ease calling upon someone to explain, or disagree, or define, or justify, etc.  Use the “things to consider” above.  If there are images you want to use (tables, graphs, other figures), you may project them digitally.

Hints for all of us

    -come to class sufficiently prepared to facilitate whether it’s your turn or not
    -ask questions
    -agree or disagree
    -encourage others

    -dominating the conversation
    -withdrawing from the conversation
    -interrupting others
    -getting side-tracked
    -putting others down