PDF's of some peer-reviewed publications

And downloadale POSTERs and POWERPOINTS from presentations at national and international meetings:

2012 Ecological Society of America meeting, Portland OR: Biomass and Coarse Woody Debris Dynamics in Old-growth Hemlock-hardwood Forest

2011 North American Forest Ecology Workshop, Roanoke, VA:  Reorganization of understory diversity over three decades in an old-growth cool-temperate forest.

2010 Ecological Society of America meeting,  Pittsburgh, PA.  Invited paper for special session on  long-term studies and predictability in ecological systems: Historical contingency in old-growth forests: Implications for community patterns in the face of environmental change.  (pdf of slide presentation)

2005 Annual symposium of  International Association for Vegetation Science, Portugal, Lisbon:  Are old-growth forests special? Or just old? (powerpoint)

2005 Ecological Society of America/IntEcol meeting, Montreal, Canada:  Tip-up mounds in large gaps play an important role in old-growth forest dynamics. This work grew from the senior thesis project of student Daniel Brese