Biogeography, etc., Fall 2018

Assignments here will be (mostly) from the primary research literature; if that's a new undertaking for you, take a look at these notes for guidelines on how to approach these papers (and avoid panic). We will discuss each of these in class, and you're all responsible for being ready to participate in that discussion. Here's the general framework:

This all means, of course, that ALL of you must come to class prepared! After the first reading (which will be only 'semi-random' in selection of victims), you're all equally vulnerable. SO TAKE NOTES ALONG LINES OF THESE QUESTIONS, and bring them with you.


* Thursday, 13 Sept.: Lomolino, M. V. 2005. Body size evolution in insular vertebrates: generality of the island rule. Journal of Biogeography 32:1683–1699.

* Monday, 17 Sept: Naka, L. N., and R. T. Brumfield. 2018. The dual role of Amazonian rivers in the generation and maintenance of avian diversity. Science Advances 4:eaar8575.

AS AN EXERCISE, for each reading, choose at least one of the papers cited (maybe concerning some background point or claim you think particularly important or interesting); track it down, see if it looks like it was cited appropriately (i.e., does it actually support citation in 'focal' article as implied?), see if anything else grabs you...  You don't need to read it in detail to do this -- a scan with closer reading of relevant passages/graphs....