World Resources Institute
EPA Acid Rain page
Environmental News Network

Center for Environmental Economic Development: Information, certifications, etc.
SciDev.net - an online 'journal' on environmental and scientific issues in global development
Yale Environment 360: compilation of reports, essays, debates, etc. Quite current

ENDANGERED SPECIES/EXTINCTION (there are many more: search on particular species or areas)
Fish and Wildlife Service endangered species page

Population Reference Bureau
WWW Virtual Library of Population and Development Studies
UN Population Information

People and Planet

Planned Parenthood
United Nations Population Fund
World Population Trends page
GapMinder (population, economics, food, etc. graphics and statistics)


Sites concerning Kyoto Protocol and Carbon-Neutrality

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change:  THE authority (and recent winner Nobel Peace Prize)
United Nations Environment Programme; go here for information on international treaties on greenhouse emission regulations and many other things.
A U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) site on energy policies and stats:
Canadian government
'green lane' site
Lewis and Clark College in Portland claims to be first educational institution to reach Kyoto Compliance
"Students demand university action"
A site for
carbon-neutral travel arrangements

Federal Government Sites
NOAA: National Climate Data Center: For true weather geeks:
NOAA: Global Climate Change site
EPA climate change site
Satellite imagery from USGS
(not particularly climate related, but cool)
NASA global change data center
2 sequestration
U.S. Global change research program
Global change master directory
US Global change research information office

Miscellaneous Publications, Organizations, Agencies (some with no assurances of impartiality):
International Institute for Sustainable Development
Images of Antarctic Ice Shelves: Break-up of sea ice from "National Snow and Ice Data Center"
National snow and ice data center
Effects on Alaska/Bering Sea

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: Nobel Peace Prize winner and widely regarded as the authoritative scientific source. Lots of free, downloadable documents.
World View of Global Warming : Images

Activist and Advocacy Groups
World Resources Institute:One of many, many major environmental organizations, perhaps more informative website than most
A consortium of environmental organizations, on global warming
Die-off: For those who want to feel really pessimistic and cynical
Union of Concerned Scientists on global warming: UCS is long-respected consortium of 'activist' scientists: they deal with many topics.

Some Science and More Technical Sites
Carbon mitigation initiative
Range changes of eastern trees
: Forest Service study
Mauno Loa observatory : Where the carbon dioxide trends were first measured
National Center for atmospheric research
British government climate modeling: One of several major 'general circulation models' for climate prediction.
"Real Climate" Question and answer from climate scientists -- good place to find responses to 'skeptics'

Fossil Fuels
Rocky Mt. Institute - Amory Lovins
National Academies workshop on oil supply and oil: downloadable presentations
Hubbertpeak - one of many 'peak oil' sites
The poster -- on the wall in hallway, but online here; information rich and great design