These are all in pdf format.  To make file sizes manageable, I've downgraded image resolution a bit, but they should be adequate. SOME OF THE FILES ARE STILL PRETTY LARGE, so be patient about downloading.  If there are problems, let me know.

1. Introductory class – the ecology of  Lyme disease as a case study in ecological perspectives.

2. The problem of diversity: Island biogeography and the framing and testing of ecological hypotheses

3. The problem of abundance: Population biology - Part I

4. Population biology - Part II

5. Interspecific competition and niche concepts

6. Evolution - Part I

7. Evolution - Part II: Life-histories and common errors and pitfalls

8. Evolution - Part III: Speciation

9. Ecosystems

10. Communities and Succession Part I

11. Communities and Succession Part 2

12. Paleoecology